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Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epologue
(Part 4)
by: Hidden Name
Written By: Gabriel Martin

     Pinkie finds herself in the same room she left off before she took a trip through that 'nightmare'. She was still carrying "HURRY", but she saw what she did through that event, and she decided to take the alternate. With one breath, she said the only other option:


     The room turned dark, and "HURRY" seemed to die again. But this time, Pinkamina finds herself in a graveyard, surrounded by graves she cant jump through. She also cant feel her front legs. As she looked down, she saw a frighening surprise.
Her front legs were ripped straight off.

     Pinkie starts getting really scared. She was somehow standing normally, however. She tried running around, only to be dragged by skeletal hands to somewhere lower. She then landed into a hallway. As she got up, she looked down to see that her hind legs were gone as well too. Somehow, the wierd creatures surrounding her was keeping her afloat. She continued down the hallway, then she saw something very odd.

     There were multiple clones of her, each with a different emotion, and no color. She tried talking to them, but they didn't respond. As she went farther into the hallway, she soon saw what seems to be a half-mechanized Rainbow Dash, who was really angry. Then, a battle started. She kicked Pinkamina, who was sent flying straight into a wall. "This is all your fault!", yelled Rainbow Dash, "BECAUSE OF YOU, I CAN NEVER BE THE SAME!" She was holding Pinkie's pet alligator by the mouth, and ripped him in half by his mouth, right in front of Pinkamina's own eyes.

     Pinkamina was crying from fear, as Rainbow Dash vanished from her sight. Before she completely vanished, her last words were "How does it feel, Pinkie? How does it feel to lose something precious to you?". Then, the wierd creatures sent her back to what seems to look like her Bakery, but it was cold, and empty. She tried to leave, only to phase through the door, and continue through a black void. She soon to see...Herself. The other "Pinkie" turned her head to see Pinkamina. Before she mysteriously disappeared into thin air, her words were only:

                                         "Goodbye Forever, Pinkamina Diane Pie...."

     As we now return to the normal world, she soon find Rarity, Applejack, and Twilight Sparkle entering the bakery, looking for the whereabouts of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. To their surprise, they found the most horrifying thing to find in Pinkie's Bakery. The Corpse of a Pink-maned pony with her cutiemark missing, her eyes gone from their sockets, her legs missing, and a frown on her face with blood coming out, while pinned to a wall. The blood on the wall somehow made an arrow, pointing to the basement. Still creeped out, the ponies made their way down, only to see what was left of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. They were shocked in fear, seeing what Pinkie was REALLY doing. Applebloom's eyes were covered by Applejack's tail, for she did not want her to see this. As they turn around, they were confronted by the odd colt that started the horror in the first place.
"The punishment has been made. The lives taken from her shall have their peace.", said the colt "The blue pony is still alive. You can still save her." Twilight asked one question, "Who are you?", she asked. The colt looked up with his cold, red eyes, and said only one word, which was his name:


     Afterwards, the colt, who was finally known as Red, vanished into thin air.
*3 months after the horror, leading to present time...*
Pinkamina's bakery was closed down after that. Ponyville went back to what they were doing. Rainbow Dash was not used to her new body that was given to her by Zacora. Everyday, she visited Fluttershy's grave, bringing a flower to her. Rainbow was crying, seeing how she lost a good friend, thanks to that murderous traitor. Red was still out there somewhere, as Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia wanted some answers about Pinkamina. Rarity and Applejack were still doing their own business, but now they know Pinkie's dark, terrible secret. Ponyville will not exactly be the same again. Thus, ending the Story of Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epologue.

                                                                               The End.
The Last Part of it.

That's it. No more Pony-related Stories. Please.

This was a total bitch to make.

Never doing a remake of this, or making something like "Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epilogue 2" or something like that.

Any fan pictures of it would be nice, though.

Anything MLP-Related (c) Lauren Faust
Red (c) Pokemon (:iconnintendoplz:)
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October 19, 2011
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